Wholesale and Manufacturing Bakery Expertise

From designing and reengineering bakery products produced in large and small plants to managing multiple developers as an executive of large wholesale manufacturers, Paul Supplee has the experience to help you with your specific projects or the ability to improve your go to market processes. With insight gained from years of industry experience, Paul can assist you in gaining your goals and improving your speed to market. Companies get stuck or need assistance for any number of reasons. Analyzing those reasons and solving those opportunities can help you get your business back on track.

Contact Paul today for help with:

Product development and formulation- whether its developing new products and taking them all the way to market or re-engineering current products, Paul has the experience to complete products quickly.

R&D processes and best practices- do you have too many projects? Losing bids, projects not completed, too slow or always last to market? These are all symptoms of problems with process and priorities. Paul has streamlined processes in both large and small companies. These changes resulted in moving products to market faster, a higher percentage of projects completed, all with overall R&D budget savings.

Product and project decision best practices- there are always more ideas than resources to accomplish those ideas. The hopper that holds ideas funnels down to a very small spout that lets out a limited number of completed projects. Paul can give you a fresh perspective on how to prioritize and process the big ideas that your company needs to complete to compete.

Powerful product launches- when you combine project management with compelling products and excellent marketing, you have all the ingredients for a successful launch. Paul can help you acheive this for your next project.

Frozen cake formulation and production- Paul has expertise in balancing the delicate formulas used in high speed production facilities. High speed mixing, depositing, baking, tunnel ovens or Autobakes, he can help you with new formulations or re-engineering current formulas. Has the ‘bliss point’ been acheived with your offerings?

Dry Mix formulation- cake mixes, muffin mixes and brownie mixes are a specialty.

Decorated cakes- designing cakes that will appeal to consumers and also run on your lines is an art which Paul can lend assistance.

Cookie formulation- cookies are still a leader in growth in the bakery and in the grocery aisle. Consumers connect with the cookie and manufacturers have lots of opportunity to take cookies in more directions. Paul has extensive expertise in formulation and production.

Natural pie formulation and production- Paul has developed pies that are regional favorites. His natural juice pies and all butter crusts have won awards and the acclaim of consumers. All this done on high speed equipment.

Laminated doughs- Paul started the croissant concept with McGlynn’s back in the early 80’s. Their Taste of France croissants became the industry leader and eventually were purchased by Pillsbury. He also has worked with puff pastry and Danish using alternative fats like butter.

Muffin- whether its retail ready or frozen pucks, Paul has extensive experience with formulation and production. Muffins have the potential to become the next best ‘better’ for you product.

Crème Cake formulation and production- creme cakes are a staple in the bakery and show no signs of decreasing in popularity. Paul has worked with new concepts, enhanced characteristics and extended shelf life.

Production best practices- often fresh eyes and a new perspective can solve problems or create opportunities. Call Paul to arrange a consultation.

QA best practices- what should you test and how should you test? Your products quality is critical to the future viability of your company. Paul can help you sort out the best practices.

Labeling- wading through the FDA rules and regulations governing labeling can be difficult, confusing and time consuming. Paul has the experience and knowledge to cut through much of the confusion and ensure label compliance.

Natural products and ingredients- the media and consumers continue to demand solutions. This is a reality that your company will need to address at some point, preferably sooner than later. Paul has always been at the fore front of developing natural products and this continues to be a passion with him. 

Whole grain products- Paul has extensive experience developing whole grain products that consumers will purchase. Some products, with added whole grains, are obvious, some products are just beginning to gain acceptance and some products are just never going to be accepted with whole grains. Let him help you with this emerging market.

Fiber- probably the single greatest health benefit that we can offer consumers is added fiber in their foods. Paul has expertise is different types of added fiber and how this is being successfully marketed today.

Frozen Retail Ready products, formulation, production and packaging- retail ready products take special formualtion and packaging to guarantee that the end user gets a quality product. Paul can help you with all of your formulation, production and packaging needs.

Extending product shelf life- adding days to the shelf life of products on your customers shelves can reap huge bottom line benefits for them. Paul has worked with both standard and natural ingredients to acheive significant results.

Reduced sodium and sugar products- schools and institutions are moving to this. State and city governments are mandating reductions. The call for reductions will only increase in the future.

Sales support and presentations- Paul has been on both ends of the sales equation, having been a buyer and also a seller. His insight can give you a unique perspective and an expert voice for your big presentations. 

Interim management- whether its analyzing how a specific project is proceeding, active project management or filling an official role temporarily, Paul can make arrangements to help your company.

Email psupplee@bakersconsultant.com to set up a discussion on how Paul can help you move your business to the next level or assist you with your new or existing project.

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