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Paul Supplee has held production, operations and executive positions in the retail and in-store bakery industry. Quality, innovation and profitability have always been the cornerstones of his philosophy. If exceeding customer expectations, increasing sales and gross profits are your goal, Paul is the expert in attaining them. His extensive expertise in category management, innovative merchandising and marketing will all contribute to give you the competitive advantage in a highly competitive field.

Contact Paul today for help with:

Product development and formulation- developing shop tolerant fromulas with wide customer appeal is an important foundation on which to build your business. Paul has extensive experience in formulation.

Building profitable cake programs- starting a new cake program or re-invigorating your current program, Paul has the knowledge to make your cake program a success. Paul created and ran one of the most successful cake programs in the nation. He can increase sales in your program by 20% or more, within 3 months, using proven techniques.

Website cake programs- more and more shopping is done on-line. Paul has the experience and can help you with what works with on-line cake sales and how to implement programs in your business.

Artisan Bread programs- product selection, display options, service options and product replenishment can all have a significant impact on your Artisan bread program being a profitable success. Paul can help you set up a new bread program or improve your current program.

European bakery products- menus are becoming more global. Consumers expect a greater range of propduct offerings. Paul has specialized in breads and pastries with regional European origins. He can help you with selection, formulation and production of these delicious specialties.

American bakery products- brownies, muffins, cookies and pies. These American mainstays of the bakery menu are a core part of the business. Paul can help with selection, formulas, production, packaging, labeling and display.

Business Plans- Paul will produce, with your input, a lender ready business plan that lists all the highlights and financials that bankers will want to see to work with you. A business plan is the most important place to start with any business venture.

Bakery design- Paul has personally designed over a dozen bakeries, including equipment selection, layout, work flow, display fixtures and sales floor layout. He can design your bakery or consult on your plans in order to avoid future problems and maximize your success.

Merchandising 101- it is estimated that 70-80% of all bakery sales are impulse driven. Paul has many years of experience successfully maximizing bakery sales. He can teach you proven basics that will work in your program.

Advanced merchandising- more subtle merchandising practices will help to increase your sales. Fine tuning your  merchandising practices can have positive results for your bottom line.

Bakery marketing- Paul can assess your business, new or existing, and can help you get your products and services to your targeted customers.

Kosher bakeries- having set up and overseen the most successful Kosher Pareve bakery in the Twin Cities, Paul can consult on your new or existing operation.

Gross Profit improvements- numerous factors influence the Gross Profit dollars your program generates. Paul has the experience to look at all of these factors in your individual situation and assess ways to move more dollars to your bottom line. 

Gross After Payroll improvements- labor is one of the controlables that can have an immense impact on your profits. Paul has spent years working, controling and maximizing labor in union and non-union settings.

Product shrink control- product shrink can have major impact on bottom lines. Controling shrink starts in the back of the bakery and extends into every part of the business. Paul can show you how to cut your losses, quickly.

Multiple sales outlet controls- quickly assessing financial results and implementing the correct fixes across multiple outlets can be difficult. Paul has the tools that address this and positively impact bottom line results across chains with multiple outlets.

Labeling- wading through the FDA rules and regulations governing labeling can be difficult, confusing and time consuming. Paul has the experience and knowledge to cut through much of the confusion and ensure label compliance.

Category management- having the right product, right timing and right selection is a science that increases bottom line results. Paul can help you implement category management or fine tune your current program.

Interim management- whether its analyzing how a specific project is proceeding, active project management or filling an official role temporarily, Paul can make arrangements to assist your company.

Email to set up a discussion on how Paul can help you move your business to the next level or assist you with your new or existing project.

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