Food Service and Dessert Menu Expertise

Paul Supplee has extensive expertise designing and supporting dessert menus in all types of food service situations. From fast food to five star restaurants, Paul has always been on the cusp of dessert design. This involves not only creating the desserts, but supporting the delivery of those desserts to the guest. Planning everything from kitchen design for scratch production to assembling pre- manufactured components is ultimately necessary for a successful ending to your guest’s meal.

Contact Paul today for help with:

Guest and menu analysis- you probably know your target guest. Paul can make sure that you have the correct dessert offerings to present to them.

Dessert selection- whether its retro or innovative, Paul can help you present the desserts that will become your signature in the industry.

Dessert formulation- Paul has extensive training and experience with all types of dessert formulation. From five star restaurants to fast food, he can create custom creations for your menu.

Dessert production- the only way that you can ensure that your guests enjoy the freshest, highest quality dessert is with careful preparation and thoughtful planning. Paul can give you that attention to detail.

Kitchen design- what does it take to deliver the best possible dessert to your guest? Paul can help you with equipment and design, whether its assembling components or creating scratch desserts.

Profit analysis- numerousfactors influence the Gross Profit dollars your program generates. Paul has the experience to look at all of these factors in your individual situation and assess ways to move more dollars to your bottom line.

Photo design and styling- Paul has worked with top food photographers on many photo shoots. His specialty is all bakery products including breads and desserts. With his mastery of the pastry arts, he can bring a fresh, innovative look to your menus or marketing.

Email to set up a discussion on how Paul can help you move your business to the next level or assist you with your new or existing project.

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